INSULATED special insulating glass is multi-pane insulating glass (MIG) comprising two individual panes as a standard. The glass panes are bonded air- and gas-tight at the edges via a spacer. Special insulating glass includes, among other:
  • MIG with at least one curved glass
  • MIG with at least one shaped glass
  • MIG with FIX-POINT
All the essential requirements for additional functions demanded, such as protection from heat and sun, noise dampening and safety, can be satisfied.

Dimensions and shapes

INSULATED can be produced in varying shapes and geometries in the following maximum dimensions:
Max. dimensions: 3 210 mm x 6 000 mm

Product range

INSULATED can be produced as flat or curved MIG. Coated basic glass panes are processed in combination with specific spacers and inert gas fillings to achieve thermal and/or solar insulation. So-called “hard coatings” or “soft coatings” are used, depending on production technology. Safety and/or noise insulating functions are achieved by processing glass thicknesses and types and PVB foil types which meet the requirements.


Spacers made of thermally insulating materials are always used in the production of INSULATED. Spacer systems may comprise hollow stainless steel spacers filled with drying agents – as well as virtually metal-free spacer systems made of structural foam with integrated drying agents.


INSULATED special insulating glass is produced CE-compliant in accordance with EN (ISO) 1279 requirements. Strictly only high-grade and tested basic materials are processed. In-house production control is achieved based on a certified quality management system. Production is also subject to regular external supervision.

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