SFL.glass GEO PROFILE 32-06


PROFILE is created by thermal shaping of flat glass. The base glass is heated to its softening point, shaped on special fireproof moulds and then cooled under controlled conditions. PROFILE is brightly polished on top and, depending on the design, structured to a varying degree on the mould side. The visual quality of a design is achieved through the regularly alternating transparent and translucent areas. The variation of translucency, transparency, reflection, plasticity and rhythm creates the exceptionally variable effect of this designer glass.

Besides the standard designs, individual designs for projects and special applications may also be developed.


PROFILE is not generally a regulated building product, meaning that the building regulations covering a specific application should be coordinated with the relevant building supervisory authorities. The application may require approval in individual cases. Since the base glass used is a regulated building product, the entire manufacturing process is subjected to monitored in-house production control and, in view of PROFILE already being used for façade glazing in several international projects, SFL.glass can meet all building regulatory requirements.


The light dispersing designer glass is suited for many interior and exterior applications demanding special aesthetic appeal and optical uniqueness, e.g.:
  • façade glazing, windows
  • partitions, doors
  • furniture, lamps


PROFILE is produced from EN 572 compliant float glass and is available in clear, colourless (= low iron oxide), bronze, grey, pink, green and blue colours. SFL.glass is supplied by all globally leading industrial glass manufacturers, meaning that any float glass available on the market can be refined.


The unique effect of this asymmetrical corrugated designer glass, used among other in the Bonn plenary assembly and as façade cladding in Quartier 110 in Berlin, is achieved through the two-sided corrugated surface and the rhythmically alternating transparent and translucent areas, respectively approx. 7 mm and 25 mm wide.

Transformed products

PROFILE Type 32-06 can be further processed into the following products (see Product range):
  • laminated glass, monolithic with PU synthetic resin coating
  • insulating glass = ECO INSULATED possibly with protection from heat and sun and with noise dampening properties
  • curved glass = SHAPED
Surface refinement, e.g. with DECOR-COATED colour coating or sandblasting, is also possible.


The PROFILE edges are always ground or fire-polished. The positions, dimensions and tolerances for holes and cut-outs are identical to those for SAFE-ESG single-pane safety glass. All processing is normally done before shaping.

This product was used in following projects: