INTRAGLASS ® is fused glass with slip resistant surfaces created either by thermal imprint or by surface fusing of a rough, abrasion-resistant special material. After cutting to size, the glass is heated evenly up to its melting point and one glass surface is partially or fully structured before being cooled for stress relief under controlled conditions. The larger the structured area and the higher the roughness, the greater the slip resistance. This creates slip resistances ranging between R9 and R13, pursuant to DIN 51131. Compared to all other slip resistant glass surfaces available on the market, INTRAGLASS ® offers far higher resistance to abrasion.

Dimensions and shapes

INTRAGLASS ® may be produced in a variety of shapes, depending on the glass type and thickness, in the following maximum dimensions:

Max. dimensions: 900 mm x 1 400 mm

Transformed products

INTRAGLASS ® can be processed further to ESG, LSG or, in individual cases, also to multi-pane insulating glass. Refinement depends on the base glass used and the required additional functions, such as safety and protection from heat and sun or noise dampening. Additional colour coatings such as CONDECO ® are also possible and are agreed on in each case.


INTRAGLASS ® has been developed especially for walkable applications, to achieve durable abrasion and slip resistant surfaces. The product is suited for interior and exterior use, e.g.:
  • walkable glass floors
  • steps made of glass


Walkable glazing is classified as a building product not controlled under building regulations. This means that building regulatory requirements for the specific application must be coordinated with the relevant building supervisory authority. Based on many years of project experience, SFL technologies is able to meet all official requirements.

This product was used in following projects: