COATED is a multi-component colour coating system for all types and shapes of glass. Durable designs ranging from clear or translucent to opaque are possible. Colours range from matting without colour, via pastel shades to full RAL or NCS colours. Metallic colour shades or colour schemes with 3D effects are also possible. 

Dimensions and shapes

COATED colour coatings may be applied to flat and curved glass surfaces. Glazing with the following maximum dimensions may be colour coated:

Max. dimensions: 3 210 mm x 6 000 mm


The light- and UV-resistant COATED glass lacquers are painted on in the factory. COATED may be applied to float glass, laminated safety glass, single-pane safety glass, heat-strengthened glass, multi-pane insulating glass or fire protection glass, on one side or on both. Several coats are painted on the surface of the glass for full or partial coverage. The glass is always viewed through the unpainted surface onto the paint, meaning that the own colour of the glass will affect the colouring. The glass’ own colour, which becomes more distinctive with increasing glass thickness, may be compensated for through individual colour adjustments.


COATED is suited for many interior and exterior applications, e.g.:
  • design of objects and interiors
  • glare protection
  • screening of private areas
  • signage for information and warning
  • artistic glass design


To achieve uniform colours, use only glass of the same thickness within a project. An original sample should be prepared if the glass will be viewed from both sides. It is recommended, in principle, not to expose the painted side directly to the elements.

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