BOND are Structural Sealant Glazing systems, or SSG systems in short. This is a process used in façade construction whereby a silicone adhesive bonds glass to metal in a load-bearing manner. Wind loads and other forces impacting on the glass construction for limited periods are transmitted from glass to structural support via the silicone adhesive. It is of paramount importance here that the silicone adhesive retains its adhesive strength and internal stability, since the façade is subjected to both mechanical and thermal stresses.

Dimensions and shapes

BOND is suitable for flat or curved glazing systems. Glazing with the following maximum dimensions may be glued:

Max. dimensions: 3 210 mm x 6 000 mm


The self weight of the bonded glass is normally transferred to the façade structure via setting blocks. The tested and approved silicone adhesives used for SSG bonding are ETA (European Technical Approval) certified. This certification was awarded based on independent tests performed in accordance with the applicable European Directive for Structural Sealant Glazing. The adhesives furthermore carry a CE mark of compliance with European legislation on health, safety and environmental protection.


BOND is suited for many architectural applications, achieving completely smooth façade and roof surfaces without profiles, e.g.:
  • façade and roof glazing
  • frameless window construction
  • balustrades (clamped on one side)


BOND is generally not a regulated construction type. This means that building regulation requirements governing the specific application must be coordinated with the relevant building supervisory boards. Based on many years of experience in project work, SFL.glass can meet all building regulatory requirements.

This product was used in following projects: