POINT is a special laminated safety glass with linear woven fibre connections or fibre reinforced islands. The residual load bearing capacity of laminated safety glass (LSG) is increased many times with the patented VSG safety systems. Long-term tests have demonstrated that POINT prevented the glass from slipping out of its supports after a breakage. The systems are therefore also suited for protection against the effects of an explosion since they withstand the explosion shock wave.

Dimensions and shapes

POINT can be produced in varying shapes or geometries (flat or curved) in the following max. dimensions:

Max. dimensions:  2 650 mm x 6 000 mm


By fastening woven fibres laminated into the PVB foil to the substructure, linearly supported panes of laminated safety glass may be prevented from slipping out of their supports. Part of the woven fibres protrudes over the edge of the glass. A suitable fastening strip is fitted here, for fastening to the substructure. With point-supported panes, reinforcing fibres around the drilled holes (analogous to reinforcing in concrete construction) prevent failure through so-called “unbuttoning”.


POINT is ideal for many applications in architecture or vehicle manufacture, where the highest demands are made on residual load bearing capacity, also after a breakage, e.g.:
  • explosion resistant glazing
  • overhead glazing

Transformed products

POINT may be processed further into ECO-INSULATED (multi-pane insulating glass) to satisfy additional demands such as safety, protection from heat and sun or noise dampening. Customised colour coatings and matted surfaces are also possible, through sand blasting for instance.

This product was used in following projects: