SHAPED is curved glass created through thermal forming of flat glass. In the gravitational bending process the base glass is heated to close to its softening point (approx. 600 °C), shaped on concave or convex bending moulds and then cooled under controlled conditions. The base glass is float glass compliant with EN 572, in clear, colourless (= low iron oxide), bronze, grey, pink, green or blue colours. The individual bending technology enables the high optical quality of SHAPED.

Dimensions and shapes

SHAPED can be produced in varying shapes in the following maximum dimensions:

Max. dimensions: 3 210 mm x 6 000 mm

Max. arch rise: 2 000 mm Min. radius: 50 mm

Transformed products

SHAPED is a single-pane glass and can be further processed to SAFE-LAMINATED, SAFE-CVG (chemically toughened glass) or ECO-INSULATED (multi-pane insulating glass). Further processing depends on the base glass used (float clear, colourless, solid-coloured and/or coated), the shaping geometry and the additional functions demanded, such as safety, protection from heat and sun, or noise dampening. Additional later DECOR-COATED colour coatings and matt surfaces through  sandblasting, for instance, are also available.  


SHAPED is suited for many interior and exterior applications, e.g.:
  • façade glazing, windows
  • elevator glazing
  • winter gardens
  • partitions, balustrades
  • display cabinets, counters


SHAPED is not generally a regulated building product. This means that building regulatory requirements governing a specific application must be coordinated with the relevant building supervisory boards. Based on many years of project experience, SFL.glass can meet all building regulatory requirements.

This product was used in following projects: