Haas Haus

The Haas Haus was built on the Stephansplatz in the 19th century, and was architecturally impressive back then. The modern day look of the Haas Haus, completed in 1990, originally caused many raised tempers. In the heart of the historical centre of Vienna, star architect Hans Hollein made a futuristic design - juxtaposing the surrounding historical surroundings – and constructed one of the most fascinating contemporary buildings in Vienna. The external form of Hollein’s building, which was manufactured by SFL, is influencedby the rounded corners of the former Roman storage area, thereby also marking a caesura of urban planning with the adjacently located historical Stock-im-Eisen-Platz and Stephansplatz areas. The conically shaped interior, fitted out with the noblest materialsis straddled by a glass dome. Originally planned as a temple for gourmets and shoppers, after several renovation processes, largely carried out by Austrian catering guru Attila Dogudan, the Haas Haus is home to a hotel and the renowned Do&Co restaurant. Despite the many discussions about possible future uses of the Haas Haus, this construction of glass, stone and steel has developed into a tourist magnet, architecturally combining the traditional and the modern of an urban metropolis.
CLIENTZentralsparkasse, Wiener Städtische, Wiener Verein
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