FGD Cottam

Approximately 300 kilometres north of London, on the west bank of the River Trent lies the small village of Cottam. The coal-fired power station there produces up to 4 percent of the total required power for Great Britain and was fitted out by SFL in 2005-2007 with modern exhaust gas desulphurization systems. The company manufactured the units for RWE Industrie-Lösungen GmbH in order to massively reduce emissions. In acomplex process, the sulphur dioxide gases from the power station are passed through an absorber, where they react with chalk to form gypsum. The cleaned gas can then beharmfully expelled through the chimneys, whilst the danger of acid rain is eliminated. The resulting gypsum is then reused in the building materials industry. These systems producedby SFL thereby make a sustainable contribution to protecting the environment.
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