Wien Mitte

Construction of an office and business center in Vienna. The project is divided into three components.
Component AB consists of a two-story pedestal facade (mullion facade) and an outward tilted balustrade facade (glass sizes appr. WxH = 2,8x5,0m / 9x16ft). Starting at level 3 to 8, the construction has an element facade with the following measurements: WxH = 2,8x3,5m/ 9x11ft). Component CD consists of an element facade with measurements (WxH = 2,8x3,5m / 9x11ft)), starting at level 1 to level 18. The rear sides are tilted vertically or are trapezoidal offset. One long side runs polygonal. The front side is tilted outward starting at level 1 to 2 and is tilted inward starting at level 2 to 18. In addition, the front side offers a peak facade on the right side which gets wider and overlapping towards the top. The courtyard of component AB and component E consist of a mullion facade.
CLIENTWien Mitte Immobilien GmbH
ARCHITECTArchitekten Wien Mitte (Ortner & Ortner, Neumann + Steiner )
PLANNINGSFL technologies GmbH
These products were used within this project: