Office Park

At Vienna’s International Airport in Schwechat, the new modern Office Park, with its 43 metre high glass covered complex, split into two towers, is a prominent building. Checkin desks can be found in the entry area of the office tower, with the first floor offering ample space for conferences and training events. 205 parking spaces are contained in the basement. 1000 people's desks are spread generously across office space of around 15,500m². The double shelled glass façade manufactured by SFL is a particular technical highlight of the Office Park. To ensure additional comfort to those working in the tower, there are integrated sun protection measures, which allow individual control over shade and ventilation. Consequently workers are shielded from exposure to the constantly present radar waves that emanate from the airport, thereby ensuring a very healthy working environment. The main lessee in the Office Park is Vienna International Airport, which has been able to bring its various operating departments together in the new office building, thereby ensuring greater efficiency in its activities. Many international companies are also impressed with the new location. They are able to draw considerable benefits from the office’s immediate proximity to the airport and the direct connections available to the comprehensive network of destinations. In addition to office space, there are also catering facilities, banking facilities and shops in the building providing essential services.
COUNTRYAT/Vienna Airport
CLIENTFlughafen Wien AG
ARCHITECTMag. Fritz Kaufmann
PLANNINGSFL technologies GmbH
DIMENSION18.000m² façade surface
These products were used within this project: