cold store Köhldorfer

Because the cold store Köhldorfer needs to be run at constant 28°C, the former lighting system based on flourescent lamps could never be turned off as it could not have been turned on again. The newly installed SKIN FLEX TUBE do not only decraease the cooling load and cost over lifetime, but they do not have to stay switched on during the whole day, the whole year. Ten 70 Watt flourescent lamps were replaced by eight 32 Watt TUBEs, cutting the energy consumption costs in half. Due to the fact, that the lights may be turned on and off at any given time, there is no need to keep them on over night and on weekends. Considerung the reduction of operating time the cold store Köhldorfer is able to reduce their electricity costs
CLIENTKühlhaus Köhldorfer
PLANNINGSFL Lichttechnik
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