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The glass-technology-center of SFL is located in St.Marein im Mürztal. It offers a wide product range including high quality bended, solidified or surface-coated glass products and systems for interior and exterior use. Seven bending furnaces and other innovative glass-coating systems refine glass formats of up to 6 x 3,21 meters (19,7 x 10,5 ft.). SFL glass is striving to custom-make high quality facades and singular products.

With May 2015, SFL started, as 1st austrian company, the largest chemical-toughening processing within the european glass industry. Glass in any shape can be toughened up to 10-times the strenght of normal glass!


  • pre-cut
  • milling
  • edge working


  • bending
  • shaping
  • fusing
  • cold bending

SFL.glass GEO


  • semi-tempered glass
  • tempered safety glass
  • chemically tightened glass

SFL.glass GEO


  • laminated safety glass


insulation glass

  • sunscreen
  • thermal insulation
  • sound insulation

SFL.glass ECO

surface treatment

  • colour coatings
  • enamelling
  • sandblasting


glass fixation

  • LSG fixation
  • substructure for edges
  • structural glazing

SFL.glass FIX


SFL glass supports executing companies such as facade construction contractors, partition manufacturers, carpenters etc. in consultation, planning, sampling, implementation and production. SFL also collaborates with expert planners, architects and designers to create aesthetic, unique and outstanding glass products. SFL works independently of other glass production and coating companies by drawing on own expertise and the vast repertoire of glass-processing methods, which are constantly innovated within the company.