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The department for lighting technology of SFL offers planning of custom-made lighting and illumination as well as the production and distribution of specially developed and merchandised products Produkten. The lighting technology uses the daylight via the facade whereas the illumination technology depends on artificial light produced by LEDs. Innovative lighting solutions provided by SFL are manifested in custom-made special productions as well as design-oriented systems in form of LED tubes LED-Röhren and individual light plates Lichtplatten.

SFL lighting technology offers:   
  • Spots, lamps, candles
  • Ceiling lights (fixed- or swivel-mounted, rotatable)
  • Tubes
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exterior and facade lighting
  • Walkway and car park lighting
  • Cold storage lighting

The LED technology is an integrated part of the abc-concept (active base concept) and offers sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions.


Environmental sustainability, Green Buildings, efficient use of energy and many more are today’s challenges for industries worldwide. SFL offers solutions by forging the use of LEDs. LED lighting promises high life time expectancy, low energy consumption and is the outstanding choice for environmentally conscious companies. People spend most of their lives’ time indoors, involuntarily neglecting the sunlight. Conventional light bulbs imitate the sunlight the best but convert most of the electricity into heat. Fluorescent tubes and energy saving lamps are a great way to save energy but their quality of light is rather poor due to the fragmentary lighting spectrum. Therefore they are unable to create a satisfactory working climate.
The continuous light spectrum of LEDs assure an improved color-rendering, give a natural perception of light and produce high quality and efficient lighting.


LEDs convert electricity directly into light and hence lower the energy consumption, which consequently reduces the CO2 emission. LEDs protect the environment; reduce costs, maintenance work and waste. Life time expectancy of LEDs is calculated by 50,000 hrs. – a contribution to a sustainable investment.


Superior color-rendering is guaranteed. LEDs emit light in every wave-length range. LEDs brighten up immediately when powered on and increase life quality, decrease pollutants and are free of toxic chemicals such as mercury. LED lighting produces little IR and almost no UV emissions.


LEDs can be combined to produce a variety of color temperatures, which can be used as conventional lighting (lamps, spots and tubes) or in individual lighting creations.