<div class="suburl"></div><div class="metahead"></div><div class="headline">STEEL CONSTRUCTION</div>
SFL offers detailed and custom-made planning, calculation and production of components and is specialized in on-schedule delivery and expert assembly. The highly skilled and trained welding experts and specialist engineers are experienced in Metal Insert Gas welding (MIG), Metal Active Gas welding (MAG) and Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG), electron beam and arc welding for CrNi steel, C-steel and aluminum.
SFL offers a wide range of steel constructions:
  • Steel construction as a form of art
  • Locksmith works (e.g.: gates and handrails)
  • Architectural steel framework (also used as support in facade construction)
  • Processing and refining of stainless steel
  • Secondary steel designs, scaffolding, stairs, gantries
  • Steel construction support made of rolled sections, welding profiles, round and shaped pipes
  • Bridge support structures

Steel Construction - projects