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24.10.2013 ELI introduces herself at the E-Mobility Day in Lebring
In August, ELI - the mobile platform for energy - was presented to the public during the Europa Forum in Alpbach. On October 18th, she also impressed the prospective buyers and visitors during the E-Mobility Day in Lebring. For one day, the drivers’ safety training center of ÖAMTC in Lebring hosted the E-Mobility Day. 22 manufacturers presented 100 types of innovations and visitors were encouraged to test E-bicycles, E-motorcycles as well as electric vehicles. Right in the center of attention was ELI, the most recent innovation made by SFL.
Once again, ELI as a mobile energy-platform and transportation vehicle for small goods, emerged as all-rounder. ELI was put through its paces and everybody approved of her with enthusiasm.
No surprise because ELI is small and handy but big when it comes to her versatility. ELI is able to store more than 30kWh of electric power, to haul 1000kg (2.204 lbs), has a maximum speed of 65 km/h (40 m/h) and her operating range is estimated with 150km (94 miles). She is the best choice for towns and communities, intra-factory transportation, airports, hospitals and ample industrial areas. “ELI is not just efficient and handy but great fun to drive.” explains ELI’s “father”, Mario J. Müller of SFL.
Soon the first ELIs will be dispatched to town communities. Based on her many energy-storage-systems and superstructures, her areas of use are versatile. “We are certain that ELI stands the test in everyday life. Various tests during the E-Mobility Day were very encouraging and we are in good spirits.” Müller explains.