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20.08.2013 Member of the National Council, Sonja Steßl-Mühlbacher visits SFL technologies
By invitation of Reinhold Niederl (head of production, sales) and Peter Köhldorfer (development and technical support), the member of the National Council, Mrs. Sonja Steßl-Mühlbacher, visited SFL technologies GmbH.
With the head office in Stallhofen, the production and sales of the lighting technology department is located in Feldbach, with a workforce of 8 people.
Mrs. Steßl-Mühlbacher took the opportunity to inform herself on location about the qualitative products of the company. She received first-hand information about future perspectives, which are very promising for the region: expansion of the company’s location in Feldbach to provide flexible working hours by employing more staff. Local future employees, who are environmentally conscious and use the bicycle to get to and from work, are preferred. Equal salary classification is part of the SFL philosophy.
SFL technologies was among the finalists of the “Fast Forward Award 2013” in the category “Public Forward Award”. Sonja Steßl-Mühlbacher appreciates the innovativeness of SFL technologies and the ambition to sustain and further develop the company’s location in Feldbach.

NR Sonja Steßl-Mühlbacher (2.v.l.) mit Reinhold Niederl (1.v.l.), Peter Köhldorfer (3.v.l.) und MitarbeiterInnen der Firma SFL technologies GmbH