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18.11.2013 SFL strikes out on new paths in energy supply
SFL sets a great example on saving energy. The industrial company in Stallhofen changes over to sustainable energy systems und will be completely energy-autarkic in the near future. Many changes have been made recently. The Styrian showcase industrial company committed itself to generate sustainable energy and made some serious investments:  “In the past weeks and months we have installed 8000 photovoltaic solar panels on approximately 11.000 sqm of rooftop area to harvest the sunlight. On an additional 255 sqm, cells for solar heat were installed. With these, we produce heat using the sunlight.” explains SFL-boss Hans Höllwart.
Solar- and geothermal energy storage is used for heating water and all buildings on the company’s premises. “The entire energy, electric as well as thermal, can be used and stored spontaneously. Excess energy can either be fed into the grid or transported via the grid to the second location of SFL in St. Marein. This is made possible by the first Styrian energy-cooperation with Energie Steiermark (Energy Styria).” explains SFL`s innovation executive Mario J. Müller.
SFL is headed in a new direction and Höllwart is assured it will pay off: “We are striving to become the first energy-autarkic factory and we want to prove that it is possible to manage a sustainable business and still be successful and profitable.”