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31.10.2013 SFL’s project „Licht macht Schule“ wins award
Great success for SFL’s lighting technology. The project „Licht macht Schule” (light goes school) won 2nd place in the category “craft/energy” of the Styrian Vulkanland innovation award. Light is an important factor in learning. According to a study conducted by the University of Hamburg, the right lighting in class rooms influences the student’s performance significantly. It improves the concentration and lowers the error ratio.
SFL took this study to the heart. In contrast to other manufacturers, who opted for changing lights in classrooms and during recess, SFL chose to introduce colder lighting which enhances concentration during classroom sessions. “Our lighting does not change its temperature. We offer constant cold lighting which demonstrably enhances concentration” explains Mario J. Müller of SFL.
SFL introduces its latest innovation to schools, the SFL LED flexi tube. The brand new lighting concept is already in use at the vocational school in Voitsberg and the Secondary School of sports in Feldbach.