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27.09.2013 SFL introduces ELI, a mobile platform for energy
"Our ELI is a mobile energy-platform which can transport small goods for local use” explain the “fathers” of ELI, Hans Höllwart and Mario J. Müller of SFL during ELI`s presentation on the Europa Forum Alpbach 2013.
ELI is electrically loaded by buildings which are able to produce decentralized energy - this energy can be used where electric power is needed - additionally ELI can transport small goods. “ELIs profession is the transport of ENERGY+GOODS.” promotes Müller.
She can be used by delivery services in urban areas, for community services (such as park maintenance etc), in airports, hospitals and ample industrial areas. “By offering various superstructures, she is versatile for occasions where velocity is insignificant and combustion engines are still used.
ELI offers a maximum speed of 65 km/h - with her sizes of 4m long, 1,4m wide and 2,0 in height she as Miss-Energy would win any Miss-competition. ELI is able transfer more than 32kWh of energy and a minimum of 1000kg of actual load  - her operating distance is min. 100 km. She is basically operated by her rear-wheels - but could be extened to a 4WD.
ELI was developed by SFL technologies in cooperation with fibag in Stallhofen. The company was founded in 1993 by Hans Höllwart and is one of the most innovative companies in Styria. The portfolio of SFL ranges from mechanical engineering to steel-, plant- and façade construction to glass-, lighting- and energy technologies and finally the newly introduced expertise in abc-mobility. With a workforce of more than 800 employees, SFL technologies operates in Austria, Hungary and Romania.
“Sustainability plays an important role in all our activities” explains Hans Höllwart. “Research and development are not just empty phrases to us.” In 2006, the “Hans Höllwart – Forschungszentrum für integrales Bauwesen AG– fibag (research center for integral construction engineering) was established. „We are the first center for development of that kind in Europe, which encompasses technology, ecology, economy and aesthetics.” praises Müller.
SFL definitely managed to land an major block with ELI - ELI will be one of the most important components for future cities like Smart City Graz. Höllwart and Müller are proud to announce that “Our order books are full and we have many advance orders”.