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18.11.2014 SFL@glasstec
What do smart phones and facades/roofs have in common? -In the future the glass technology! -SFL technologies shows on the Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterGlasstec2014 first in Düsseldorf a technology cross-over with coring, the glass specialists for thin glass. The folding roof of skin(R)folding-canopy consists of Gorilla(R)glass / thin glass with the thickness of a smart-phone front glass - the whole folding design was developed by SFL technologies together with the FIBAG and realized. In the future, completely new solutions for facades and roofs can be derived from this developed technology! Responsible for this is our glass expert Prof. Jürgen Neugebauer together with his multi-competence team in St. Marein - in recent years on the site St.Marein both skills in production techniques, as well as the combination of existing technologies were created - the focus of the FIBAG, the Research Center for integral construction! So can new products arise such as: the glasses for the one World Trade Center in New York City or the energy glasses with Grätzel-technology. The prototype made so much attention that even the prestigious US glass magazineÖffnet externen Link in neuem Fenster posted us on their newscast Portal with a multi-minute video.