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On April 19th 2013, SFL welcomed vice governor Siegfried Schrittwieser in Stallhofen. Among his political responsibilities are labor and social affairs, renewable energies and housing refurbishment. He showed great interest in our array of products and the current renovations and additions with sustainable and renewable energies. By implementing the 1 MW photovoltaic system, with the addition of geothermal and solar energy, the company’s premises in Stallhofen will be entirely “energy-autonomous“. Corresponding to his responsibilities of labor and social affairs, Mr. Schrittwieser gave special attention to our employees and did not hesitate to hold personal conversations while walking about the company’s premises. At the end of his visit, Mr Schrittwieser enjoyed a snack in the facade construction hall and reflected on his impressions of SFL technologies with the employees of production and the CEO Mr Höllwart.