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The SFL is located in Stallhofen, Austria and has been an innovator in energy and environmental technologies. Founded in 1988 by Hans Höllwart, the company remains in his ownership down to the present day. Within three decades SFL evolved from a  locksmith business to a sustainable industrial company. SFL built a reputation of innovatively applying research & development in its products.
SFL is at the cutting edge delivering innovative products, which are built with the know-how, talent and technical expertise of the employees and offers superior projects and custom-made products. High quality products, economic projects and the overall satisfaction of customers are the main goals of SFL. The highly skilled workforce of SFL consists of approximately 600 employees in Austria, Hungary and Romania. SFL property contains an aggregate of 45,000 m² (11 acres) of production halls, an open storage capacity of 90,000 m² (22 acres) and 13,000 m² (3 acres) roofed storage. With a total of 400,000 m² (100 acres) of property, SFL strives to provide a global and professional realization of projects and to raise the standards of sustainable innovations.
Industry Facade and metal construction, plant construction and mechanical engineering
Activity Steel and facade construction, metal engineering and ventilation systems for architectural concepts. From offer and planning to production and assembly. Production of bended glass. Production and distribution of LED lightning solutions. From offer and planning to production and assembly of plant construction and mechanical engineering.
Founding Year 1993
Headquarters Stallhofen (Österreich/Steiermark)
St. Marein im Mürztal (AT) production & distribution: glass technology
Feldbach (AT) production & distribution: lighting technology
Möllersdorf/Vienna (AT) service: facade construction, glass technology, energy technology
Vép/Szombathely (HU) production: steel construction, mechanical engineering, plant construction
Győr (HU) shipment and assembly
Tășnad (RO) production: steel construction, mechanical engineering, plant construction
Târgoviște (RO) engineering: facade construction
Employees appr. 800
Annual turnover 70 m. Euro
Production area appr. 45.000 m² (11 acres)
Storage capacity appr. 103.000 m² (25 acres)
Export quota 20%
Central markets Austria, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, United Kingdom